Barcode Labels

Here you can purchase various barcode labels for your retail products. These are offered via packages including an EAN13 retail barcode number, barcode images etc., or just the sticky labels (if you already have barcode numbers). Please see the options below:


> Retail Barcode Labels – produced in amounts of 500 or 1000 for your retail product. These can be ordered, including the barcode number (i.e. ordered for your existing barcode number or ordered with a new barcode number).

Sequential Barcode Labels – produced as sequential numbers in amounts of 500 or 1000. These are used for asset tracking, library books etc. A standard sequence might go from 1000 to 1999, or say 23000 to 23999.

ITF-14 Carton Code Labels – for the cartons of your product, designed for use shipping and warehousing. They are used typically by larger retailers for keeping track of stock. They are usually larger labels, and the barcodes on them are 14 digit ITF14 barcodes, with a heavy horizontal line above and below the barcode. (These horizontal bearer bars are to reduce the chance of bad scans of the barcode).

> Barcode Stickers

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More information:

The barcode labels that we supply come in a roll for easy application. The labels are printed on a high quality dedicated barcode label printer. These printers are designed to ensure that the dots of the printing line up exactly with the edges of the bars, creating crisp lines that scan easily.

If you have any questions about barcode labels, please contact us.

Barcode Labels