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Barcode Verification Reports are test scans of barcodes on their final artwork, printed label or packaging. The barcode is given a grade which represents how easy it is for scanning machines to read it. A passing grade is A, B, C or D.

Our verification tests are performed using the latest verification technology to internationally accepted barcode standards. If your retailer requires verification, make your order below & then post/courier your barcode to us (on its final printed label or packaging). Reports take 2-3 days after receiving your barcode (we will email the verification report to you). You can find out if you are likely to require verification on our barcode acceptance page.

  • Verification Report

    Verification report for your completed artwork or finally printed packaging.

    Price:£ 35.00


After you order barcode verification, please post a copy of your final printed barcode (our address is on our Contact Page). To our knowledge, our verification reports are accepted by all retailers in the UK and Europe. We know that the only retailer that will not accept our verification reports is Woolworths Australia (Woolworths Australia requires their verification reports to be done directly by GS1).

Just over 10%of the barcodes we have verified fail the test. This is usually because of a few easily preventable reasons (such as the barcode being too small). Please see the official barcode standards for help passing barcode verification.

A barcode verifier machine does barcode verification. This is different from a barcode scanner. A barcode verifier is a highly sensitive machine that can pick up tiny variations in barcode images. Barcode verifier machines can decode barcode images and test their quality (against several different criteria).

“Dear David, Just to say a massive thank you for sorting this out for me, so very efficiently and promptly. I am truly grateful to you. First-class service!” Jo (Kiddy Coupons Ltd)

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