Testimonials from Customers

Recent feedback we have received from our UK customers:

“It has been an absolute pleasure dealing with you – thank you. I have found the whole experience enlightening with regards to the excellent level of service provided, quick turnaround time and reasonable costs.” – Mark

“Great service always acted upon very quickly and very competitive prices. We only use Barcodes UK!” – Daniel.

“The service is 1st rate. Wouldnt business be easy if every company was such a pleasure to work as Barcodes UK!!!” – Mark.

“Wow, what a fantastic and fast service. Highly appreciated. I have forwarded my barcode to the manufacturer” -Jameson J.

“Dear David, I have just purchased ten barcodes for use on UK products… This is my 3rd purchase of barcodes, and I have recommended you to many small producers” – Shemin M.

“Fantastic service, and extremely helpful over the phone!” – Mark

“Thanks for the fast service, Dave. I’ll be in touch again should I (hopefully) need more!” – Adrian

“The whole process has been so much easier than expected. Many thanks for all your help” – Gemma S

“Dear David, We are most grateful for your swift turnaround – it is very much appreciated!” – Phil Allen

“Thanks David, Excellent service! will definately use you again” – Simone E

“Hi David, thanks for the email and bar codes… Hopefully, in the near future, we can do business again” – Steve O’C

“Hi David, Many Thanks for the codes, these are for Amazon, im sure we will be back for more” – Tony

“Hey David, Thanks. Always a pleasure dealing with Barcode1!” – Robin P

“Many thanks once again. Your barcodes have generated loads of business for me on Amazon -terrific!” -Marguerite C.

“Hi David, I recieved the barcodes thank you very much, just been down to my local shop to check that they work before I got them printed onto 10, 000 boxes! And they work fine so thanks, its great being able to have the option of only buying a few and not thousands of them! Im a kiwi working in Ireland and am looking into doing my business in NZ so it was interesting to see how you have done things with your website etc – specifying that the barcodes work here was reassuring as things are often different.” – Robyn A.

“Dear David… I bought 10 bar codes from you when we first went into the retail market and was impressed by the ease and speed of dealing with your company. Since then, I have recommended you to anybody who has asked me how to get bar codes… Once again, I am impressed both by the speed with which you process your work and also by your attention to detail and honesty. So thank you for everything, h. Hopefully will need to come back and be a returning customer again soon” – Lorraine Martin (The Cake and Crumb)

“Dear David, My barcodes have just arrived!!!!! Fantastic service – thank you very much” – Ceri D-J (The Mary Clark’s Pie Company)

“Thank you very much for swiftly sorting me out with a single bar code… I am rest assured now for any future requirements with yourselves. God bless!!!!” – Steve M.

“I would just like to thank you for services… Once I found your site everything was so easy to understand , and within an hour I had my barcode , receipt and all paperwork on my desk” – Brian M

“I’m a happy returning customer looking for my 3rd barcode”, – Denise

“Many thanks David for your great service once again. You have made a big difference to my little business!” – Marguerite (Maggiebizzy Limited)

“Dear David, Just to say a massive thank you for sorting this out for me so very efficiently and promptly. I am truly grateful to you. First-class service!” – Jo

“I don’t get in touch for a year, I ping you an email before I go to bed at a stupid late hour in the UK, and when I get up 5 hours later, the barcode is sitting there in my inbox waiting for me. And the best bit is, I knew it would be. Great service, thanks” – Denise

“Hi David – Wow i cant believe it, the reviews where right. Fantastic service and saved me over £200” – Julie K

“Thank you very much. I’ve never bought barcodes before, and this was exceptionally easy!” – Shauna S

“My bar code has been deployed and my first solo album is up on Amazon. Excellent. Thanks once again, i’m sure i will require and recommend your service in the future” – Giles B – (see his album here)

“Hi David, Many thanks for your excellent service and, most of all, for removing the cloak of confusion from what ( I now realise) is a beautifully simple concept. You will not believe — well, yes, you will — how long previously it took me to get nowhere with barcodes. Thanks too for vector images which let us create accurate artwork” – David W

“It has been some time since we purchased 4 barcodes from you. They have now been put to good use on our own brand of beer. We are now looking to purchase bar codes for three varieties of wine” – Marie

“Thank you very much; that puts my mind at rest. The cover’s been quite tricky because I’m not very techy… I realise it was going beyond the call of duty for you to look at this, so thanks again” – Debi

“Thanks for the barcode. Your service is a credit to the internet industry!” – Simon

“It is great to see that there are still BUSINESS MEN that understand the value of beneficial commerce for new businesses. I will use you for ALL my barcode requirements. GSI are a joke (you can quote me on that)” – Sam McC

“Firstly, just to say thanks for a fantastic service! We only ordered last night and the barcodes were in my inbox this morning! …. Once again, many thanks for a great service” – Wesley C

“return visit – second purchase. Very easy site to use. First Class service” – Jane M

“thanks very much for such prompt service! That’s great – I’ll be back in future and will recommend you to my muso mates” – Jon

“many thanks for the barcode great service! It’s on my new CD as we speak! May well be back to you with other releases” – Dave W

“David! You are the star! Wish you all the successes in your business” – Alfiya A

“Cheers Dave, I will use you guys for all barcodes I need. Will be a couple more very soon. Thanks for the great service” – Inspire Recording Studio

“Thanks for sorting the barcode so quickly, I was really worried as it goes to print on Friday… Great dealing with such a professional company” – Jenny S

“Thank you for your very detailed explanation. Much appreciated. There is so much conflicting information on this subject that we were getting a bit lost in it to be honest. We can obviously move forward with confidence now” – Robert W

“Dear David, Thank you for the barcodes. I have given your website address to the company I deal with and they work with a lot of small maufacturers like me. I am sure you will get many referals from them. Thank you once again” – Shemin

“Many thanks for your response, I found your comments reflective of my original thoughts about GS1. They do seem to have a monopoly, which in my opinion doesn’t seem reasonable in this industry. Anyway, I appreciate you answering my questions in relation to the issues raised in my previous email. I’m now satisfied to purchase my barcodes from you” – Dan P

“Very relieved to have found your site, seems strange but your intro page looked like you were eves dropping on the conversation I had with one of the big bar code companies here in the UK (joining fee, yearly management fee and no artwork etc)” – Jeremy P

“Thanks. Your service is exactly what we needed! – We’ll be back” – Andy C

“Thanks for your very prompt and explanatory reply – it’s such a pleasant surprise to hear from someone who is actually interested in their customers! I shall go to your website and order forthwith!” – John S

“Great service btw, being able to buy one barcode at a time has really saved me a lot of money” – Alan S

“Many thanks for your prompt reply. I think your service is exceptional and ideal for a small business like ours that just wants to launch a few products under our own branding” – Seena K

“Hi david – Many thanks for this. I should be ordering more shortly, also put one of my clients onto you” – Nick W

“Thank you for your wonderful service… If I ever need any more barcodes then you will be my first port of call. Wonderful, efficient service” – Sian C

“Many thanks for brilliant customer service. couldn’t have asked for more. We are a recently established electronic manufacturer, and we will be certainly using your service again when our other projects are off the drawing board” – Brad G

“Hi David, Just to say thank you for speedy delivery and to let you know barcodes used successfully!!” – Gabe & Grace

“This is a great service, I now have my DVD on amazon :)” – John W (see his DVD on Amazon)

“I work for a small youth culture company and we have published a book that we are currently in the process of putting up on Amazon……. (this is) SO very helpful! Thank you” – Jolene (see their book on Amazon)

“Thank you so much for this – what a great service. I’m pulling this project together on my own as an independent artist, and I’m always asked for advice by other artists. I’ll be directing them to your site. Many thanks again for being so prompt, efficient and personal” – Anthony T (see his CD on Amazon)

“Many thanks for the barcode – it has already produced an Amazon sale and covered its cost, so I am very pleased with your service. I will be ordering more” – Marguerite

“Thanks for the prompt reply David. Barcode looks perfect!” – Bob

And our favourite from George J. Laurer in the US (inventor of the UPC) “You have the nicest site of those selling barcodes that I have seen”.


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