Magazine Barcodes & Newspaper Barcodes

Magazine barcodes and newspaper barcodes are based on the ISSN number (International Standard Serial Number) of the magazine or newspaper. This applies to all magazines, newspapers, and other periodical publications. We can supply the barcode images based on your ISSN number.

If you don’t have an ISSN number yet, you can get one from the British Library. If you live outside of the UK, visit this website to find the contact details of your local ISSN Centre.

After you have your ISSN number, come back here to order the barcode images for your ISSN number. We provide standard GS1 (EAN13) format barcodes that can be used worldwide.

For reference, an 8-digit ISSN number is converted into an EAN13 barcode in this way – 977 is added to the front of the number, the last of the 8 digits are removed (this is a checksum), a nominal price code is added to the number (usually 00). Then the last digit checksum is added. For example, ISSN 1234-5678 would become 9771234567003. The 2-digit price code should be changed if the price was increased, e.g. from 00 to 01, and a new barcode created, e.g. 9771234567010.

Some publications add a 2-digit supplement barcode after the main barcode – this can then vary with the issue, e.g. it could be 01-12 for12 monthly issues, or 01-52 for weekly issues, or 01-04 for quarterly issues. These barcodes can be reused each year – they only need to be changed when the price changes.

Note – these barcodes can be used everywhere in the world

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Here are some of the magazines that are using our ISSN barcode images:

Examples of Magazines using our Barcodes

“Thank you for your very speedy attention to my request for an ISSN image. It is greatly appreciated. I will most certainly remember your company in future.” Greg W

How to use your ISSN barcode:

ISSN sample EAN barcode for magazine

After we receive your order, we will email your barcode images to you. The images will come in 5 different formats (jpeg, eps, tiff, pdf, and BMP). You can choose the format you prefer & insert the barcode into the design for your magazine cover. After your magazine has been printed and distributed to your retailers, they will enter the barcode number and product information into their inventory system. After that, when your barcode is scanned, the product details will appear on the retailer’s screen.

Note: If you want us to send you a barcode with supplement digits at the end (like in the example below), please let us know when you make your order. We can give you barcode images that have either 2-digit or 5-digit supplement numbers. Supplements are used on some magazine barcodes to represent the issue number of the magazine.

ISSN+2 ean+2 magazine barcode with 2-digit supplements


“Thanks very much for all your help. I think we’re sorted now. We’re going with the EAN-13 +2 digit sup. You have already sent me the barcode images for this so I think we’re done for this time round. You’ve been VERY helpful and I really appreciate it.” Dave

“That was fast – thanks.” Neil

“Thanks for sorting the barcode so quickly, I was really worried as it goes to print on Friday. Lets hope it sells ok. Great dealing with such a professional company.” Jenny

“Wow, that was incredibly speedy service. Thank you so much!.” Liz

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