Barcode Stickers

Do you need Barcode Stickers for your products? We can supply a variety of barcode stickers/labels.

You can buy barcode stickers as a part of the barcode package, including the barcode number, images etc., or just labels (if you have a barcode number already). Please see the options below:

Retail Barcode Stickers – these are retail barcode stickers (barcode labels) printed in lots of 500 or 1000 for your retail product. These can be ordered with or without the barcode number.

Sequential Barcode Stickers – these barcode stickers are produced as sequential numbers in lots of 500 or 1000. These are used for asset tracking, library books and other similar purposes.

ITF-14 Carton Barcode Stickers – these are for the barcode stickers for use on the cartons of your product. Larger retailers use them for keeping track of stock.