Barcode Prices

This page shows the barcode prices for our most common barcode products – the titles are links to the product where they can be purchased.

Barcode Numbers (barcode prices include barcode images, barcode registration & guarantee)

QuantityPrice per Barcode (buy barcodes here)
1£26 each
2£25 each
3£24 each
4£23 each
5 +£22 each
10£19 each
15£17.50 each
20£13.50 each
30£11 each
40£10 each
50£9 each
75£8 each
100+£7 each
150 +Please contact us.

Barcode Images

Images for EAN-13 (or UPC-A) barcode numbers not purchased from our company

Also forother types of barcodes: ISBN or ISSN barcodes (books & magazines), QR Codes, ITF-14 Carton Codes (GTIN/TUN), Code 128 and Code 39.

QuantityPrice per image (buy images here)
2£12.50 each
3£10.00 each
4 +£8.00 each


Images for EAN-13 (or UPC-A) barcode number purchased from our company

QuantityPrice per image
1 +£3.00
5 +£2.50 each
10 +£2.00 each
20+£1.50 each
30 +£ 1.00 each


Barcode Registration

this is included in the barcode packages, but can be purchased if you have an ISBN number, or have purchased barcodes through another company

QuantityPrice per Barcode
1 +£ 15.00 each
5 +£ 13.00each
10 +£ 11.00 each
20 +£ 10.00 each
30 +£ 8.00 each
50 +£ 7.00 each


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“Great, many thanks David. I know a few other companies who would be interested in your services, so I will spread the word. The fees with companies like GS1 are so excessive. Thanks for offering this service and wishing you a Merry Christmas.” Jason S

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