Book Barcodes

Books have barcodes based on the book’s ISBN (International Standard Book Number). These book barcodes usually 13 digits long and begin with 978.

If you have an ISBN for your book, you can purchase the book barcode images here.

If you don’t have an ISBN yet, we know of 2 easy ways to get one –

1. UK ISBN Agency. The cost for one ISBN number (without barcode images) is £89.00.

2. Independent Publishing Network. They can supply an ISBN number for £30.00, or an ISBN number with barcode images for £40.00.

If you have a magazine, these require ISSN barcodes. See our ISSN Barcode page for more details.

Here are some books that are using our ISBN book barcodes:

ISBN Book Barcodes examples


Purchase the ISBN barcode images here.

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Here are some common questions:

An ISBN is a 13-digit unique identification number assigned to books and other print, electronic, or multimedia publications. It is used for printed books and pamphlets containing more than four pages of text, maps, e-books, PDFs, Braille publications, and audiobooks.
1. You can get one from the UK ISBN Agency. This will cost you £99.00 for a single ISBN Number (or £149.00 for 10 ISBN Numbers). There are several pages of joining forms for you to fill in & fax, post or scan & email to them. Once you have the ISBNs, you control how the books are listed with Nielsens etc. Come back to us then for the book barcode images.

2. You can get a single ISBN through the Independent Publishing Network – they can supply you with ISBNs as you need them for £15 each. Once you have your ISBN, come back to us to get the book barcode images.

You will need a different barcode number and image for each separate publication. This would include different formats of the same book. For example, if you were publishing a paperback and an eBook, you would need a different number for each.

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