Buy Barcode Labels UK

Fairly often people who are creating a new product or music CD or DVD have produced their product, and have it printed ready to go into a retail shop when they suddenly realise that they need a barcode!!!! Of course, they realise now, it would have been much easier to put the barcode on their packaging design before they printed the packaging …. but it’s rather late now.

Fortunately, there is a solution – they can buy barcode labels. UK retailers need barcodes on products (or most of them do), and hence it is smart to put the barcode labels onto the products before they go into the stores.

We supply these labels – follow this link for retail barcode labels – to buy barcode labels in the UK.

These barcode labels come in 3 standard sizes – all are the same price—22×30 mm, 32x57mm or 57x76mm. The labels come on a roll for easy application to your product. You can but in rolls of 500 or 1000, or different quantities if necessary.

We can print EAN13 retail barcodes on these labels for you, or 12-digit UPC-A barcodes, ISBN book barcodes, ISSN magazine barcodes, asset barcodes, or virtually anything you would like.

Buy barcode labels in the UK from Barcode1 UK – we have supplied barcode numbers and labels to thousands of happy customers in the UK, Europe and worldwide.