Barcode Reseller

What is a barcode reseller?

A barcode reseller is someone who purchases barcode labels that are now outside of GS1‘s control in bulk to onsell them to individuals for use on their own products. These are numbers that do not have any license fees or annual fees attached to them, and hence they are much cheaper than any other barcode number.

Like with many things, there are both legitimate and non-legitimate barcode resellers. Always check that the reseller is selling legitimate barcodes before purchasing as it can be costly to re-barcode your product at a later date, as you will need to buy barcode labels & stick them on your products – we met a man who had produced 40,000 bottles of wine with dud product barcodes on them, so him and (mostly) his wife was having to open all the cartons and stick a new barcode label on every bottle!

Warning signs about non-legitimate barcode sellers include:

– The company is difficult to contact

– The barcodes are extremely cheap

– The company hasn’t been around very long

– The barcode company can’t produce good evidence for the origin of their barcodes

– They sell numbers starting with 50 – these numbers are used and protected by GS1-UK, so no one else should be selling them

Our barcode numbers are legitimate, and we have over 8 years of experience in the industry. Please see the advantages of buying barcodes from us. These barcodes can be purchased here. Otherwise, feel free to contact us querying anything barcode related.


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