Barcode Services


Barcodes UK offers a variety of Barcode Services for our customers.  These services include –

Barcode Verification – Verification is the test scanning of an as-printed barcode to check whether it scans well. Some supermarkets and hardware chains require these verification reports for all products that they stock – this is to reduce the frequency of failed barcode scans at the checkout.

Barcode Registration – We offer a barcode registration service with our barcode packages. This provides the opportunity for our customers to register their barcode numbers and product information on the major internet barcode databases.

Barcode Labels – We print barcode labels for your products.

We also have a lot of free information – such as barcode standards (the dimensions for EAN13 retail barcodes) and the dimensions for ITF14 barcodes.
Also, information about barcode acceptance in retail stores in the UK, Ireland, Europe & worldwide.

If you require any other barcode services or have any questions about barcodes, please contact us.


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