EAN-13EAN Barcode Images (or UPC)

EAN13 Barcode Images (or UPC-A) for numbers not purchased from our company*

If you have an EAN or UPC barcode number, but you need the scannable barcode picture for it (the vertical black bars), you can order the images for your number from below.

You will receive your barcode images via email in five different formats (vector BMP, eps, jpg, pdf & tiff). You can choose which format that you will want to use. The barcode images will be sent in standard size (i.e. 38mm x 25mm). You can request a different size if required, or you can resize the images yourself. The smallest recommended barcode size is 80% of the standard size (30mm wide x 20mm high). After receiving your images, you can put the barcode picture onto the design for your product packaging or sticky label (before printing). If you need your labels printed onto rolls of sticky labels, we can provide these for you (see our Labels Page). Also, please look here for barcode registration.

  • EAN Barcode Image (for number not purchased from us*)

    We will send your barcode images to you in 4 different formats (jpeg, png, svg & pdf).

    Quantity Price per image
    1 £ 15
    2 £ 12
    3 £ 10
    4 + £ 8
    10+ £ 5
    20+ £ 3
    50 + £2

    * For a barcode number not purchased from our company

    (If you need a lot of images, just choose the quantity you need here, and then email the barcode numbers to us, preferably in a spreadsheet)

* If your barcode number(s) came from our company, please order the images for those numbers here.

Note – We are happy to customize images by changing the barcode size and putting up to 2 lines of text above and below the barcode. To do this, we need all of the information up-front, preferably in a spreadsheet with fields for ‘Top line’, ‘Bottom line’ etc. Also, advise if the font should be changed or sizing should be different. If something is unspecified, we will create the barcode for the best possible printing and scanning at the required size. We may need to charge if extra revisions are required later.

“thank you very much for your efficient and prompt service, it is much appreciated.” Su Whale

“Thanks for this – great service and very acceptable price” Chris G

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