Custom Barcodes

Why customize a Barcode?

Customizing a barcode is 100% optional, although some people like to make their product packaging a little more interesting. From time to time, people will make a tree grow out from the top of the barcode (with the barcode as its roots) or have the barcode as an entirely different shape. You can get an idea of what is possible based on the example below.

What can you customize on a Barcode?

Basically, the physical barcode itself should adhere to the EAN barcode specifications. This means that the scannable area of the barcode should stay above 30X20mm (the smallest officially accepted size). The scannable area needs to remain clear from any obstructions, so any barcode artwork needs to incorporate this into its overall shape. Barcode artwork that obscures this scannable area can be very difficult or impossible to scan. This obviously defeats the purpose of the barcode itself.

How to design your custom barcode?

To design your own custom barcode, you will need to have a considerable amount of graphic design skills and ensure you are well aware of the barcode specifications and what they mean. Alternatively, you could talk to your graphic designer about what you are after and see if they can organize something as well. Another option is to see the section below. We may be able to help you out.

Who offers customized barcodes?

Again some graphic designers can arrange barcode artwork for you. Alternatively, we are in contact with some graphic designers who can do barcode art and organize this for you. Please contact us to discuss what you need and whether we can help.

Examples and Links

Please see below some examples of customized barcodes:

Pack of smokes barcodeStretch Zebra barcodeSleep barcodePizza barcodeUmbrella barcode


Please see our Barcode Artwork page for more examples. Contact us if you have any questions or want to talk about arranging this.
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