UPC Barcode

What is a UPC Barcode?

A UPC Barcode is a globally unique 12-digit number encoded into a barcode using the UPC Barcode symbology. These are the most common type of retail barcode used in the USA and Canada and are used in the same way as the EAN-13 type barcodes, which are used more commonly in all other countries. Both formats can technically be used in any country and are globally unique regardless. However, if you are mainly selling in the USA or Canada, we recommend using the UPC-A barcode format. Please see the difference between UPC and EAN-13 barcodes here.

How to get a UPC Barcode?

UPC Barcodes can be easily purchased in barcode packages here. Once we receive an order, we email you the barcode number with the images as attached files. You can then incorporate the UPC barcode into your product packaging in an easily visible flat location. When a retailer first receives your product, they will scan the barcode and input the product information into their system. From that point onwards, every time the barcode is scanned, your product information will automatically appear.

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